Serious COVID-19 outbreaks hit California colleges

This fall, as colleges around the country wrestled with how to reopen amid the coronavirus crisis, officials in California required a cautious approach. Classes were put online, isolation rooms were set up on campus, and restrictions were placed on the number of students permitted to live in dormitories or come on campus.

But what deans and provosts couldn’t control were the thousands of students who returned to fill apartments and houses in neighborhoods surrounding their schools, determined to salvage some semblance of a college experience.

Unchecked by campus rules and safeguards, these students became fertile ground for the virus, which has spread rapidly on and around several California campuses despite sparsely populated dormitories and classrooms. From San Diego to Chico, the outbreaks have thrown universities into crisis mode as they scramble to slow the virus’ spread with tighter restrictions and attempts to cajole students into safer behavior. …

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  1. I live in Chico and yes there was an outbreak when the college allowed 800 students to return with no testing and no isolation required….so obviously there was an outbreak. Then the Chico State President Hutchinson evicted all the students from student housing so covid was spread which made things worse…even restaurants had to shut down because they hire students and when they tested positive the restaurant had to shut down. What makes it so irresponsible was that Hutchinson received $20 million in stimulus funds and could have easily required testing when they got here….in fact no one seems to know what she did with the money. So corrupt like most universities in CA.

  2. J.T. Geehr says

    I’d like to know what is meant by the use of the term “serious outbreak.” How many were hospitalized? How many deaths? I suspect that most of the kids who have been determined to be infected are asymptomatic, or mildly ill. At what point do we allow them to get on with their lives and deal with a virus that is less deadly to their age group than the flu?

    • Tom Jackson says

      We are not getting the right numbers on the covid spread. We should be getting details showing hospital beds available for covid patients. Of those who caught the disease, how many needed hospitalization? What was the severity of their illness? What was the length of their symptoms before being hospitalized? This is some of the information contact tracers could more easily acquire to let the public understand the risk factors for themselves. Instead we are treated like children with scare tactics to keep us sheltered at home while politicians rule with little oversight. How many deaths are truly from covid? The corruption runs deep because we have allowed our health care to become politicized and we continue to vote for the worst kind of people as our political leaders.

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