Some Californians Are Cutting The Vaccine Line

Say you’re under 65, you’re pretty healthy — and you’re at the back of the line for COVID-19 vaccines in the Bay Area.

Maybe you’ve seen others in your age group on social media — acquaintances, celebrities, the wealthy and powerful — somehow getting their first doses of Moderna or Pfizer vaccines. Maybe you’ve also seen an opportunity to score an inoculation, or thought about seeking one out.

But then you wonder: Should I? Is it ethical?

California’s rocky vaccine rollout, plagued by supply shortages and poor communication, has created conditions that lead people to ask such questions, according to bioethicists and government officials.

The state has ramped up its efforts: As of Friday, 10.7% of California residents had received at least one dose of a vaccine, near the U.S. average of 10.8%.

Still, mixed messages at the county and state levels have created confusion about who’s eligible to get a vaccine and how they can get them. And inefficiencies in the decentralized system have created situations where some relatively young, healthy Californians have gotten away with receiving vaccines before those higher on the priority list. ….

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  1. If there is plenty of vaccine —-well let them cut in line and get their shot or shots. What is the problem?
    None . I don’t want a shot so they can take my portion and leave it at that. Who the h cares?

  2. Agreed, but if you are working and becomes mandated by your employer, then I care since I work and told it is a must to maintain your job. Talk about dictatorship!!!

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