State GOP trying to court Latinos

From IBA Buzz:

The California Republican Party, troubled by its failure to attract Latino voters, today touted a day-long media training workshop it held last week with Latino elected officials and candidates.

The state GOP says the event at Univision’s Los Angeles facility was “an important step” in its relationship with GROW Elect, a political action committee created to recruit, endorse, train, and help fund California Latino Republicans and independents for elected office. There were question-and-answer sessions with CRP Chairman Tom Del Beccaro of Lafayette and former State Senate Republican Leader Dennis Hollingsworth of Murrieta; GROW Elect consultants Luis Alvarado and Moises Merino were also on hand for the training.

“This is part of keeping our promise to establish a stronger, more consistent Republican presence in the Latino community and to continue our support of GROW Elect and their impressive efforts,” Del Beccaro said in today’s news release. “We’re excited to partner with GROW Elect, not just with training but with other resources that will help promote their bottom-up approach to connect with Latino voters throughout California.”

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  1. I have no problem with procuring the latino vote but not when it involves amnesty or ohter benefits for illegals. Illegals have broken the law to get here and to court criminals is wrong and abettors to these criminals is just as bad. If they are legal citizens I have no problem but I’m tired of supporting a bunch of leeches that don’t want to learn our language or obey our law and the majority of California voters feel the same way.

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