State lawmakers take aim at UC brass’ lofty salaries

As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle:

State lawmakers from both parties are sending the University of California an angry message by advancing a bill to cap compensation for UC employees at $500,000 under penalty of losing public funding.

The bill, approved by the Assembly’s higher education committee last week, is a prime example of how Gov. Jerry Brown’s concerns over high spending at the public university have spread to the state Legislature, where the bill is one of five in play — all meant to bring UC to its knees by reining in its spending, restricting its ability to raise tuition and ending its constitutional autonomy.

The measure, AB837, and the other bills get at the heart of the irritation that students, lawmakers from both parties and Brown feel toward UC. Their complaint: The university keeps increasing compensation for its highest-paid employees while demanding that students pay more tuition and that the state contribute more toward its bottom line. …

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  1. But….but….without being able to pay competitive salaries to all of these SJW instructors, they won’t be able to fend off head-hunters from Starbucks.

  2. It’s about time someone stopped giving money away to people to brain wash our young people into believing the world owes them a living. The lack of hard work will get you no where.

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