State Parks backers may ask for money back

Photo courtesy of prayitno, flickr

From SF Gate:

Supporters who raised private funds to keep Northern California’s largest state park open threatened Friday to scratch their agreement with the state and demand their money back if the state does not set aside at least $20 million of recently discovered hidden cash to keep parks open.

“We’re furious. We feel we’ve been taken,” said Winslow Briggs, a retired Stanford biology professor who is on the board of the Coe Park Preservation Fund. “Our little group spent 1 1/2 years raising money, apparently all for naught. What a waste.”

Henry W. Coe State Park, southeast of San Jose, was among 70 parks the state threatened to close this year because of a $22 million cut in the parks budget. Hikers, campers and other park users formed a nonprofit group to save the rugged, 135-square-mile expanse, raising about $350,000 to fund salaries and benefits for two rangers, two assistants and a maintenance worker through next June.

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