Steinberg Must Clean Up Scandal-Ridden State Senate

From The Sacramento Bee:

So what’s next for the scandal-ridden state Senate? And what should be next?

Darrell Steinberg, the Senate president pro tem, fired a sergeant-at-arms last week after learning – from a Bee reporter – that the aide had used drugs prior to a shootout at his house that left one person dead and three others injured 17 months earlier.

On Tuesday, the Senate’s chief sergeant-at-arms for the last three decades, Tony Beard Jr., resigned, presumably at Steinberg’s behest, after keeping the drug aspect of the case a secret for many weeks.

darrell steinberg


  1. “The fired sergeant-at-arms, Gerardo Lopez, is the son of Dina Hidalgo, who heads the Senate’s personnel office. Lopez’s wife, Jennifer Delao, who was inside the house during the outdoor gunfight”..VIVA LA RAZA!

  2. Simply amazing!! Why do people keep voting these idiots into public office. It would appear as long as these politicians keep the pork barrel full, their voters can overlook any and all misconduct by their elected officials.
    A second theory has to do with skin pigmentation, and it must be an exact match. (in order to be ‘adequately’ represented, integrity and honesty be damned)

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