Still no serious GOP contender against Feinstein

From Calbuzz:

Dianne Feinstein’s biggest challenge next year won’t come from a serious Republican opponent – it’ll be replenishing her war chest after it was plundered by Kinde Durkee, her longtime campaign treasurer who is suspected of looting as much as $5 million from the senior senator’s coffers.

That’s the overwhelming consensus of the Calbuzz Advisory Board of the World’s Leading Authorities on Practically Everything– a panel of the most staggeringly brilliant and experienced political consultants and strategists in California — after we asked: Who will be Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s chief Republican challenger in 2012?

“That person honestly doesn’t exist,” said one GOP member of the prestigious Calbuzz California Consultanate.  “Our bench doesn’t even have a bench. But whoever figures out that DiFi is almost certain to under-perform next year could seize a great opportunity to gain the credibility and network for future statewide runs.”

Dianne Feinstein in Outer Space (by Evan G., Flickr)




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  1. Any pro-economy conservativeis better than ANY and EVERY incumbant!

  2. Well what do you expect of a state of LIBERALS with a mental-disorder? It figures that the Repubs-and Demos. are all one group and just change back and forth with their “control” -but the common man has done nothing about these people whose greed is above all else! It is sickening-and we are sickening because we elect them year after year.

  3. You had better do your homework boys,Orly Taitz is running for California State Senator. You know,the woman that has been fighting for our Constitution,from the time that Obama illegally stepped in as a fraudulent President of the United States of America. The communist’s better pack it up,because she is coming through. California’s sad state of affairs may have a chance to straighten up. We must remove the corrupt politicians from the State government,and we all know there are plenty of them. I do believe there needs to be a full investigation into the actions of the State govt. They have repeatedly chosen to go against the Constitution,just as the federal polititcians,they each and every one need to be held accountable. Dianne Feinstein is a perfect example.

    • Please tell us more about Orly Taitz. I can’t believe that the SEIU/Union control they have with the entitlement minded will ever allow common sense to creep into the corrupt political climate in the ONCE Great state of California. Come and visit, “we will show you”. We have had measures that were voted in by the majority of voting citizens “Overturned ” by Govenor Moonbeam in his previous stint as Attorney General after rewriting the battot measure to try and trick the common person to missinterpert the measure therefore “a yes would have meant a no”, and so on and so forth. Our Govenor is “THE ONE” who opened the door to the SEIU/Unions in state government and the disease has spred throughout the Nation gobbling up and creating huge increases in government costs without ever increasing perceptable service to the actual taxpayer. And on and on…

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