Supreme Court may tilt right for decades

The death of liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg could allow legal conservatives to take full control of the Supreme Court for a decade or more, imposing a historic shift to the right with vast implications for U.S. jurisprudence and society at large.

A conservative court could use its majority to overturn Roe vs. Wade, which guarantees a woman’s right to abortion, and strike down Obamacare and its promise of health insurance for millions, including those with preexisting conditions.

A more conservative court would be likely to strike down affirmative action laws and many current gun control regulations, possibly including laws in California that limit the carrying of firearms in public or restrict the sale of semiautomatic rifles.

After decades of frequent 5-4 decisions that kept a relative balance in major court rulings, a decisive 6-3 conservative majority also could stand in the way of future progressive legislation from Congress. …

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  1. Overturn Roe vs Wade and you’re gonna’ have a bunch of ADC to charge to the taxpayers. ADC never stops.

  2. Kept a balance ? Don’t you mean constant erosion of American rights ? This article is defiantly biased to the left and smacks of ” victimhood ” as if the Democrapic party is being victimized by reinstating the values and laws protecting those values of America in general. NOT just the whims of Liberals.
    From the Sword of —

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