Teachers’ Unions in Action

From American Thinker:

Two recent WSJ articles — ironically, appearing on the same day — remind us anew of the complete cynicism and utter immorality of the teachers’ unions.

The first is about the vicious fight that the Louisiana Association of Educators (LEA), one of the major rent-seeking rat-packs — oh, pardon me, I meant to say “teachers’ unions” — in the state. The LEA is outraged — outraged! — that Gov. Bobby Jindal was able to pass a school choice initiative starting this year that creates a modest (5,600-student capacity) voucher system for poor kids to attend private (including parochial) schools. The LEA is pursuing a lawsuit in the state court system, asking that the voucher plan be ruled unconstitutional for violating the separation of church and state.

The courts have refused to delay the voucher system until the trial in October. And since the issue has already been settled by the U.S. Supreme Court — no, a district giving a voucher directly to the parent, who then chooses to use it at a religious school, does not constitute state support of religion — the LEA is getting nasty.

In fact, the LEA is now in full attack mode. Its lawyers faxed threatening notices to 100 of the 119 schools in the voucher program, warning them that their clients (the union thugs) intend to use “whatever means necessary” to make the schools bar voucher students.

“By any means necessary” — BAMN, as it is known to devotees of radical causes — is code language for confrontational action, including violence if necessary.

The LEA will start by suing all 100 schools, many of them small private schools catering to poor children. The LEA, flush with fat union dues, is well-positioned to legally harass these schools, whose resources are limited.

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