Riverside Public Employee union rejects offer; forces pay and benefit cuts

From Press-Enterprise:

Riverside County on Tuesday imposed pay and benefit changes on 5,800 employees, after months of negotiations between county officials and the union representing the workers failed to produce an agreement.

County officials announced the decision Tuesday, one day after members of the Service Employees International Union Local 721 overwhelmingly rejected the county’s latest contract offer and authorized union leaders to order a strike.

The union has not said whether a strike is planned, but county Human Resources Director Barbara Olivier said preparations are under way to ensure vital services continue. SEIU members include nurses, 911 dispatchers and many other types of workers.

SEIU/Obama photo by aflcio, Flickr

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  1. Hal Messinger says

    When city officials are dealing with dumb unions, you can expect dumb results. The unions think their members are a different class of people than those who are paying their salaries. The union member will not receive their full benefits upon retirement anyway, so why doesn’t some explain to them the facts of our current financial situation real slowly so they can understand what the problem is.

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