Tesla could still leave California, Musk says

Despite winning a standoff with local health officials over reopening his factory, Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk is sticking with his threat to move company headquarters to another state.

“There’s no question that our headquarters will remain in California for the short term,” he said in a recent interview with Automotive News. “Long term, we’ll have to wait and see.”

He didn’t specify what he meant by short term and long term, or what might eventually prompt such a move.

Musk’s take-his-ball-elsewhere warnings first came in a May 9 tweet, after Alameda County officials ordered him not to reopen Tesla’s Fremont assembly plant until COVID-19 closure restrictions were lifted. …

Click here to read the full article from the L.A. Times.


  1. Stan Sexton says

    So may notable people have moved to Texas. At least two National talk-show hosts. Calif has lost a ton of state income tax and car registration/license fees, as well as gas tax as these high income, high consumers relocate.Toyota and other Calif headquartered companies have moved to Texas. About every living cost is smaller. The only growing problem Texas has is that the Public Employee Unions are doing a CALPERS with excessive salaries and pensions, and that may change taxes in the future. Texas needs to nip that in the bud -now.

  2. they should. he makes the best of everything. including spaceships. why would he want to reward stoopidity.? Taxifornia is terminally ill.

  3. By nature communist democrats are parasitic control freaks. Musk knows this and will leave.

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