The end of Cabernet in Napa Valley?

Cabernet Sauvignon grapes make America’s favorite wine, and they are the lifeblood of Napa Valley, our country’s most famous wine region. Cabernet accounts for 65% of the grapevines grown in Napa, where last year the crop reached a record $1 billion in gross value.

But Cabernet, like all of California agriculture, is under threat. As Napa’s wine industry continues to confront rising temperatures, increasingly frequent wildfires, intermittent drought and erratic weather, a small but growing contingent of vintners is becoming more vocal about the need to address climate change head-on.

Frustrated by the lack of industry-wide action, some are taking matters into their own hands by planting experimental vineyards — and, in some cases, acknowledging that the future of Napa Valley may not lie solely with Cabernet.

“I hear some wineries saying, ‘We’re going to have to start thinking about different grape varieties in 30 years,’” says Dan Petroski, winemaker at Larkmead Vineyards in Calistoga. His incredulous response: “You’re going to start thinking about it in 30 years?” …

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  1. And they will blame Carbon.

    A recently a meteorologist who is also a teacher had his class chart sun spot activity and warming. Guess what it was a winner in that the activity was more closely aligned with warming then Carbon.

    So they have to grow different grapes, it is called business.

  2. That’s funny. Temps in other parts of the World are going down. And where do you take those measurements? The only logical place is satellite measurements of the atmosphere. Or do you believe the weather station sitting on an asphalt parking lot in a city? And do you believe that CO2 that makes up less than 1/2 of one percent of the atmosphere can heat the World, or the Oceans? And we completely forget about the 6-700 volcanoes UNDER the oceans spewing out CO2 continuously. Mankind is responsible for only a small percentage of any increase. And the World would be better off if the level was at 1000ppm instead of the 400 level now. More CO2, more forests, more food for the increasing population and maybe a 1 degree temp increase. I’d rather live where it is warm than where it is cold! And why do they ignore that big shiny, hot thing in the sky?

  3. The Captive says

    CA has so many DENIAL FREAKS ! Will they ever quit being so IGNORANT?

    • Not denial,arrogance. There is no such thing as man made global
      warming. All things change and nothing lasts forever,so the realist option
      is simply to adapt and dispense with the chicken little mindset.

      • Boris Badenov says

        For Crying Out Loud, even PG&Friggin’ E show the average monthly temps and guess the H what,,,it’s DROPPING.

  4. Dethroning ignorants on the internet says

    Wow we have a lot of scientists on this comment board. I didn’t realize everyone here was a PhD in Climatology. Kudos to you guys for dedicating your lives to the study of climate and environmental change. Can’t wait to see the publications you produce on the illegitimacy of climate change. Let’s prove these other trained scientists wrong with your super factual evidence.
    Disclaimer: super sarcasm there and I need to make that evident because these comments are grade A bullcrap and could only come from individuals who don’t have a shred of common sense and education. Go read a damn book on the subject before you fill a board with nonsensical garbage

  5. Wait until they discover that those little grapes each expel tiny little bits of flatulence every opportunity they get when someone’s not looking.Pass it on.

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