The Governors speak: You better believe we built this, baby

From Hot Air:

Earlier today at a campaign stop in Iowa, President Obama took a sarcastic swipe at the Republican National Convention’s economic agenda.

“This week in Tampa, my opponents will offer you their agenda. It should be a pretty entertaining show,” he said at a campaign rally at Iowa State University. ”And I’m sure they’ll have some wonderful things to say about me.

“But what you won’t hear from them is a path forward that meets the challenges of our time.”

Obama asserted that the message Republicans will unveil in Tampa will be laced with the top-down economic philosophy that failed America in the past decade.

Uh huh. Well, Mr. President, a whole gamut of Republican governors did indeed take to the stage to refute your erroneous “top-down” baloney this evening, in the knowledge that a huge, meddlesome bureaucracy that thinks it knows best and taxes success is the real definition of “top-down.” And who better poised to talk about the successes of creating economies actually grown from the “middle-out” by rolling back red tape, lowering taxes, encouraging entrepreneurs, and realizing that individuals not government are the real job creators, than Republican governors seeing micro-successes within their own laboratories of democracy.

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