The Quiet Bailout of Detroit

From The Daily Caller:

President Barack Obama is using $100 million in taxpayer cash to help keep  Detroit’s pension funds afloat, contradicting his administration’s commitment to  avoid a bailout.

The federal $100 million is being described as “blight remediation,” but it  allows the city’s new managers to reshuffle more cash into the city employees’  pension funds, which were looted by city and union officials for several  decades.

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  1. Why not publish a list of all those retirees receiving in excess of $50,000 per year.
    Then put a maximum pension that can be paid at $40,000 for both existing and future retirees.

    I believe most people could survive on $5,500 per month. (Detroit pension plus Social Security)

  2. We already bailed them out with stimulus money, its time that the Detroit’s mayors Office and Council be replaced before giving them another dime

  3. Where’s the “blight mediation” for Stockton, Vallejo, and San Bernardino?

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