This Nobel Laureate Predicts a Quicker Coronavirus Recovery

Photo by Tai’s Captures on Unsplash

Michael Levitt, a Nobel laureate and Stanford biophysicist, began analyzing the number of COVID-19 cases worldwide in January and correctly calculated that China would get through the worst of its coronavirus outbreak long before many health experts had predicted.

Now he foresees a similar outcome in the United States and the rest of the world.

While many epidemiologists are warning of months, or even years, of massive social disruption and millions of deaths, Levitt says the data simply don’t support such a dire scenario — especially in areas where reasonable social distancing measures are in place.

“What we need is to control the panic,” he said. In the grand scheme, “we’re going to be fine.” …

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  1. Once again you put in an article that links to a paper that will not let you read it unless you subscribe to the paper.

  2. Control the panic. Very well said.

    Ripping off shelves of TP & Paper towels is an example of greed and panic. 1st is taking advantage of the least capable in our society. Last ignores the very deep supply chain in this country.

    And who is taking the greatest advantage of unreasonable panic? Democrats.

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