Toyota Joins the Exodus from California

From U-T San Diego:

The news that Toyota is preparing to move its North American headquarters from Torrance to Dallas is fresh evidence of the downside to California’s high-cost, high-tax, regulation-heavy business climate. Will the likely loss of 3,000-plus middle-class jobs wake up Gov. Jerry Brown and leaders of the Legislature?

In a rational state, of course it would. But not in California. The Golden State has the nation’s worst poverty rate and the second highest percentage of willing workers unable to find a full-time job. Yet Brown and his fellow Democrats insist California has bounced back from the Great Recession — even though the recession has never ended for millions of people without college degrees and those who live more than 50 miles from the coast.

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  1. M. Studer says

    I feel sorry for Texas, more idiot Liberals moving there. Mean while here in the State of Denial things just keep on failing.

  2. The article also didn’t mention that almost 50% of silicon

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