Travis Allen: Attorney General Xavier Becerra Must be Prosecuted for Criminal Obstruction of Justice

SACRAMENTO, CA – Assemblyman Travis Allen called for the US Department of Justice to prosecute Attorney General Xavier Becerra for criminal obstruction of justice after the AG’s public threats on January 18Xavier Becerra to prosecute California business owners that comply with federal law and cooperate with Federal immigration authorities. 

“This goes way beyond the Sanctuary State. Threatening individuals for cooperating with federal law enforcement is criminal obstruction of justice. These are the same tactics that the mafia uses to silence witnesses.”

“I am calling on US Attorney General Jeff Sessions to prosecute Xavier Becerra immediately on obstruction of justice charges. Californians shouldn’t have to decide between following federal law or being prosecuted by state authorities.”

“The law is clear, when it comes to immigration, federal law trumps state law.  Attorney General Xavier Becerra knows this and is purposefully and illegally trying to obstruct justice and keep federal authorities from doing their constitutional duty. California’s businesses are not pawns in Xavier Becerra’s war with the White House. This is beyond outrageous – it’s criminal and must be prosecuted.”