Trump allies in Congress accused of violating oaths

Before they take office, elected officials swear to uphold the U.S. Constitution. But what happens when they are accused of doing the opposite?

As some Republicans continued to back President Trump’s doomed effort to overturn the election, critics — including President-elect Joe Biden — accused them of violating their oaths and instead pledging allegiance to Trump.

The oaths, which rarely attract much attention, have become a common subject in the final days of the Trump presidency, invoked by members of both parties as they met Wednesday to affirm Biden’s win and a violent mob of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol.

“They also swore on a Bible to uphold the Constitution, and that’s where they really are stepping outside and being in dereliction of duty,” said former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman, a Republican who served as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency during the George W. Bush administration. “They swore to uphold the Constitution against all our enemies, foreign or domestic, and they are ignoring that.” …

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  1. Anne Durham says

    There the Dems go again—PROJECTING their own sins on the real patriots and upholders of the Constitution—those who ARE objecting to the massive voter fraud that actually did take place during the 2020 election. Pennsylvania is just one example. Here multiple unconstitutional changes in election laws and procedures were ordered by various public officials at the last minute. Article 2 of our Constitution explicitly states that only a state legislature has the constitutional authority over election laws. Those objecting were never able to present their evidentiary evidence for fraud as they were denied and shut down. To protect the integrity of our elections, this proof must be heard. Our rights to free speech are under attack.

  2. you must pledge allegiance to the one and only true political party. And better if you are on your knees begging for forgiveness.

  3. When you see the leaders of foreign countries express serious alarm at the Dictatorial heavy hand of a now Marxist subverted Democrat Party you know there are massive problems with the nation that is supposed to be a bedrock of freedom.

    Germany!!! With a history of dictatorship stating the Dems have gone too far should seen chills down the spine of every voter who voted Democrat.

    You did not like the tenor of what was said and ignored the solid 4 year record of achievement. You are allowing this? Shame on you. You set the standard riots and spineless government like Portland and Seattle.

    • Jesus Beltran says

      Solid 4 years of achievement? You must be a racist scum whose cunt gets all wet, juicy, excited, aroused, at the sight of innocent little children being locked-up in cages as if they were animals because their faces is not paled snake milk. You must cream in your racist panties at the sight of 1/2 million dead people killed by Dumbfrp’s Pandemic. You must get all coochie coochie at the sight of millions of people of all colors starving to death. Open your racist eyes, racist bitch.

      • Probably more achieved in 4 years than any President in U.S. history! But eyes ‘open’ or not, you wouldn’t know because you’re head is apparently so full of Marxist snot you see everything upside down – poor guy!

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