Trump Reignites California Water Wars

California’s decades-old conflict over distribution of water among farmers, urban users and environmental enhancement bears an uncanny resemblance to the decades of sectarian struggles in the Middle East — minus the bloodshed.

In both arenas, periodic efforts are made to forge enduring peace agreements, but just when they seem to be bearing fruit, they are undermined by some new flareup.

Gov. Gavin Newsom has been trying to finalize what predecessor Jerry Brown began, a series of so-called “voluntary agreements” that would shift water from San Joaquin Valley farmers to bolster flows through the environmentally fragile Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. They are “so-called” because agricultural water districts were willing to entertain such deals only because the state Water Resources Control Board was poised to unilaterally impose curbs on farmers’ supplies.

However, the state is not the only major power in water wars. Much of California’s agricultural water is supplied by the federal government, mostly through its Central Valley Project, and when Donald Trump became president, he promised farmers he’d protect their interests.

Last week, Trump went to Bakersfield to personally declare he’s making good on that promise. His Bureau of Reclamation finalized a new operating policy that would provide more water to farmers, whose supplies had already been squeezed by a series of court orders. …

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  1. Thank you President Trump. I am sick of Newsom and Team running roughshod over the people of California and then trying to make it seem like it is for our own good. Why do people keep voting for the idiots? Until voters wise up, California is in trouble.

    • I completely agree. Wake up California!!! Put on your grown up pants and take responsibility for your state and what you are allowing during your complacency.l
      Time to grow up, research and participate!!

  2. Have any of you singed a Recall Newsom petition? It’s a start!

  3. Sorry, “signed” not “singed”

  4. Newsom just wants to be able to claim another drought. Instead of fixing the problem he wants the problem to get worse that way he gets more control over the people. If you are worried about the stupid little fish getting caught in the pumps all you have to do take them and farm them then you can open the pumps all the way and all the time and once a year you can dump a thousand of them back into the delta. That way the fish survive and the valley farmers get all the water they need and so does southern calif. By the way they should build more reservoirs like the population of the state wanted

    • The voters have repeatedly passed bond measures to increase water storage. Where did the money go?

      • It went to the train to nowhere, the free services for illegal aliens, public employees salaries and pensions and into the pockets of California politicians.

  5. Anderson Dam in Morgan Hill, California, will have to be drained by October this year because the dam can suffer catastrophic failure under an earthquake. The retrofitting will not be done because of environmentalists and the cost to retrofit or rebuild the dam is too high. The end result is that 4500 acres of water storage in Northern California will just dry up.

    This will give Gavin Newsom even more reason to ram a 55 gallons/day water limit in California.

    California can fix this if they stop letting 60% of the water runoff flow out into the ocean, as well as fix this damn and build two more dams. If they did this, there would be no need for water rationing in California, but everything in the state is upside down and backwards and with mentally ill politicians – it will never be resolved.

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