Trump Retreats as Pence Fills Void

Frustrated by the loss of his Twitter account and forced to accept that he soon must leave office, President Trump has effectively stopped doing his job, delegating daily responsibilities to Vice President Mike Pence while hunkering down with a shrinking group of acquiescent aides and contemplating additional presidential pardons.

Trump had considered leaving the White House before his final day in office Wednesday, even as early as this weekend, but he has opted to depart on the morning of President-elect Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day, according to two people familiar with discussions who cautioned that, with Trump, plans are always subject to change.

Intrigued by the idea of upstaging Biden, the president has requested a major send-off. It would begin with a throng of cheering, flag-waving staffers and supporters to see him off on the White House’s South Lawn, according to a person familiar with the planning, and continue to a more formal ceremony at Joint Base Andrews, featuring a red carpet, military band, color guard and 21-gun salute. He would make his final Air Force One flight to Florida, to take up residence at Mar-a-Lago, his West Palm Beach, Fla., estate. …

Click here to read the full article from the L.A. Times.


  1. Jesus Beltran says

    Dear Mr. Eli Stokols: Please read the following true message:


  2. Stan Sexton says

    And I was hoping Trump would pardon Patriot Edward Snowden before January 20th. Sort of a middle-finger to the Deep State.

  3. LA Times? I don’t need no more stinking fake news!

  4. Agree with Larry

  5. L.A. Times? Are they still in business? I cancelled them 8 years ago because I was sick of their liberal bull$hit!

  6. Sounds like after four+ years of nonstop attacks and hassles, President Trump is just plain “burned out.” Take a well-earned rest Mr. President, refresh yourself and rejoin the battle for the future of our country.

  7. Not buffaloed by MSM says

    The LA Times??? Gave up on them years ago – a piece of yellow propaganda!!!!

  8. Vince Cicoria says

    After reading the very first phrase stating President Trump was “frustrated by the loss of his Twitter account”, I could tell the guy (either) doesn’t have a clue about Donald Trump, or was simply spewing leftist venom. Then, I noticed it was an L.A. Times article and I realized it was (the latter), having been a longstanding L.A. Times subscriber until, thankfully, about 15 years ago!

  9. Linda Diehl says

    Wow — “Real” news is here — with five whole journalist confirmations:
    two “people familiar with discussions,”
    one “person familiar with the planning,”
    one “person familiar with the call,” and
    one “person who speaks with him regularly.”

    I’d check those references, but I’m thinking for myself on this topic. Glad the LA Times is at least TRYING to encourage employment in California. But they’re based out of DC, NOT California! I guess this is the new “real” news out of DC……? Not surprised.

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