Trump to revoke California’s authority to set vehicle standards

The Environmental Protection Agency is preparing to revoke California’s authority to set its own vehicle emission standards, a source familiar with the plans told CNN on Tuesday, the latest move in the Trump administration’s ongoing fight with the Golden State and attempts to chip away at former President Barack Obama’s environmental legacy.

The source said the change could come as soon as Wednesday. It’s yet another escalation in the clash between California and Trump administration. Industry watchers feared that the Trump administration’s plan to freeze federal emission standards, a rollback of tightened standards created by the Obama administration, could have led to two auto markets in the US — one subject to more restrictive California regulations and another linked to significantly less stringent federal standards.

The Trump administration has also made unraveling Obama’s environmental legacy a priority. Months after he arrived in office, President Donald Trump announced the US would leave the Paris Climate Agreement and in June he revoked the Clean Power Plan, the key regulation underpinning the US’ pledge in the landmark 2015 international agreement. The administration also recently revoked Obama’s Waters of the United States rule and has made number of other moves that would allow for increased oil and gas production on public lands. …

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  1. Meh !

  2. He is only limiting the “mileage standards”. Having lived in Europe for years and seeing $7 a gallon gas and everyone driving “toy” unsafe cars, I wholeheartedly agree. If not you can kiss your pick up trucks, your SUVs and other toy haulers goodbye. I NEVER saw a camping trailer or boat being towed in Europe. But the liberals know better on how to manage your life!

  3. Trump2020, there’s no other choice!!!

  4. California has been turned into a revoker’s paradise.

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