Undocumented Immigrants Can Now Apply for Coronavirus Relief Payments in California

Undocumented Californians may begin applying for disaster assistance payments of $500 per person and up to $1,000 per household.

The state government has made available $75 million to help a projected 150,000 undocumented immigrants weather the coronavirus crisis.

To qualify, applicants must show that they are ineligible for federal assistance programs stemming from the coronavirus pandemic, such as the CARES Act or federal unemployment benefits, and that they have endured a hardship from the pandemic. Only adults may apply. A state guide to common questions and answers about the program can be found here: https://www.cdss.ca.gov/inforesources/immigration/covid-19-drai

Twelve nonprofit groups are working with the state government to disburse the aid. The groups help applicants determine if they’re eligible for the assistance, apply for it and deliver payment cards to those who receive it. Applicants must contact the group administering the assistance in their home county. …

Click here to read the full article from the L.A. Times.


  1. They are not “Californians”.

  2. Russ Lindley says

    Its getting to the point now that citizens of the USA are the illegals and illegal aliens are the new citizens who are provided free food, shelter, clothing, and medical care along with free voting rights, drivers licenses, and a host of get out of jail free cards!

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