Undocumented immigrants to get health care in Gavin Newsom’s California budget deal

California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s first budget won’t look exactly like he wanted, but a deal lawmakers released late Sunday largely fulfills the objectives he set six months ago when he first outlined his spending plan.

Lawmakers want to use an “extraordinary” state budget surplus to expand health care options for undocumented people while stockpiling billions of dollars in reserves in anticipation of an economic downturn, according to documents the Legislature’s Budget Conference Committee released.

The agreement marks the end of months of negotiations between Newsom and the Legislature. Lawmakers face a June 15 deadline to pass the budget, which will take effect in July. …

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  1. askeptic says

    And what about the American Citizens that can’t afford health care?
    What do they get, Gavin – outside of the shaft?

  2. Karen Newsom says

    Just because we have excess money doesn’t mean that it needs to be spent at an alarming rate! We need to save money in our reserve. CA residents first!

  3. The Captive says

    Lets rid ourselves of gruesome-Newsome. Kick this example of the corrupt government in CA out of office! I am sick of how tax and tax does not solve the problems!

    • marco lopez romo says

      Agreed. This is an open call for anyone from around the world to come here and enjoy our “generosity” at the taxpayers expense. BS people

  4. Damocles says

    I guess Newsom forgot about the over ONE TRILLION dollar unfunded government retirement bill . If there really is a ” huge surplus ” would that not indicate that we are being unfairly and over taxed ????
    From the sword of —

  5. Third term insurance.

  6. ExCaliExpat says

    Who else is sick of Gavin “The Joker” Newsom???


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