Uninsured Americans Think Obamacare Is Too Expensive

From The Daily Caller:

Obamacare’s many problems have convinced a majority of Americans to conclude that the health-care law isn’t working as intended, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll released Tuesday.

The nonprofit, which has released a monthly tracking poll on the health care law since its passage in 2010, found that 57 percent of respondents believe that “there have been so many problems since the law’s rollout that it’s clear the law is not working as planned.” Just 38 percent believe that despite “early problems,” the law is now “basically working as intended.”

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  1. But wait, the Man with the Plan, the Master of Disaster, Husein Obama promised that your health insurance costs would be $2500 a year less expensive, you could keep your health insurance if your liked it, and you could keep your doctor.
    Silly me, I forgot, the lying Kenyon is nothing more or less than a LIAR!!!!

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