Unmasking partisanship, and why Trump can still win

How can President Trump hold on to the support of his followers amid a pandemic that has so far killed more than 86,000 Americans and an economic collapse that rivals the Great Depression?

Roughly 1 in 5 people who had jobs in February lost them in March, a new study by Federal Reserve economists found. The last president to preside over job losses like that was Herbert Hoover, who lost reelection in a landslide. Why isn’t Trump already suffering Hoover’s fate?

That’s a question a lot of Democrats ask these days, with a belief among many that Trump has some Svengali-like power over his voters.

That gives the president more credit than he’s due.

The real answer is as plain as the mask on your face — or not on, depending on the partisan tribe to which you belong. …

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  1. If the President follow through on his vaccine warp speed mandate to vaccinate every Ameeican by force by the Military, he can kiss a 2nd term good by, if he has not already done it. How does he plan on getting reelected forcing citizens to be vaccinated. Worse than Obamacare mandate

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