Virus Surge Appears To Be Abating in California

Six weeks after California began re-closing swaths of the economy, there is cautious optimism that coronavirus transmission is heading downward, officials said.

If it stays that way, the state may be on the cusp of curbing its second surge of the pandemic.

The potential crest comes after Gov. Gavin Newsom’s speedy economic reopening in May and early June led to a near doubling of the weekly death toll over the spring tally. California’s cumulative pandemic death toll is now about 11,000, one of the worst disasters in the state’s modern history.

But there are now several signs that Newsom’s second shutdown, which began in late June and broadened in early July, is finally having its intended effect. It can take three to five weeks to start seeing the health effects of stay-at-home orders, and six weeks have passed since much of the state was required to close bars and indoor dining rooms at restaurants, an order that was expanded to the rest of the state a month ago. …

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  1. Been scammed some more today ? Numbers down , numbers up .04 death rate that is being used as an excuse to burn America Down and destroy this country. Even with the .04 death rate which is an absolute lie , even the fraudulent numbers do NOT SUPPORT A PANDEMIC. Screw every one of you who pretend that this is anything more than an attack on freedom and the American way of life . This IS the face of SOCIALIST COMMUNISM .
    From the Sword of –

  2. Rottweiler says

    I am with you Damocles 100%, something sinister is underway. The things I have witnessed at the hospital I work at would astound you. Nefarious at best. The hysteria is controlled by the ANTIFA politicians here, as they ruin this once beautiful state, they have actually forced me to realize relocation away from their communist/Marxist, progressive take over. The mask thing well, let us take a realistic and sensical look. These nuts wear them in their car, they wear paper masks for months when they only have a 4 hour life, they run from you like you have the plague on the street if you aren’t wearing one. I am talking about people on the other side of the street! They wear their filthy masks in the market, touch their mask then their nose and eyes both sites of contamination, they act as if the virus is going to locate you from the air and enter your body instead of someone actually having to cough in your face or sneeze droplets into face. So if you don’t buy the bull cause you actually work in medicine and you don’t risk others by distance why shame the intelligent? Since Dictator Gavin said wear masks at work, I have a 12 hour shift which leaves me breathing carbon dioxide all day giving me a sore throat and dizziness. I doubt that awful and corrupt politician rolls with one. Do what I say and not what I do that’s how the ANTIFA DEMOCRATS roll. When people find out they are being fooled I wonder if they will ever figure it out? Stupid is as stupid does. I do think old people and immune suppressed people should be leery but not young healthy people.

  3. All a big bad joke….on thinking Americans.

    Especially if you also know that Ivermectin, an HIV drug, which has been used for years, has been shown coming from Australia physicians to be almost 100% effective, even for those in hospitals with severe symptoms, with almost immediate results in eradicating the virus from the body!

    There is even a hospital in this country that is using this successfully.

    So, what is wrong with this picture. There is no spotlight on this medication and no talk about it. In this case…ignorance is NOT bliss, but DEATH for some, and certainly death to our economy.

    We could be passed this virus & economic problem and back to normal lives if the Medical Field, the CDC, NIH and President Trump would stand up now and say this is the successful treatment we have been looking and waiting for.

    OK, I will tell you why hush is the word on Ivermectin….IT COSTS ONLY $16.00 PER TREATMENT COURSE. To some, MONEY is sacred, not American lives!

    Please, President Trump – stand up and denounce this corruption today!

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