What the “Obama Phone” Tells Us About America’s Health

From Forbes:

Perhaps you saw the recent “Obama phone” video clip that has gone viral. In it, an Ohio woman picketing a Romney campaign event proclaimed her emphatic support for Obama’s reelection. Why? Because of “Obama phone”—the president had given her and some of her friends a free .

That short, mundane, trivial video clip is quite instructive:

First, it provides an example of how ill-informed many voters are. The free cellphones about which the woman enthused were the result of policies that predated the Obama presidency. That program was another “mess” inherited from Obama’s old pal, George W. Bush. The ignorance that Jefferson believed would pose the greatest threat to the survival of liberty was on prominent display in the video.

Second, it indicates how little some citizens value their vote. Mistakenly thinking that she owes her free phone to the generosity of Barack Obama, the grateful woman—sounding like a child who delights in the box of cereal that includes a free toy—will vote for the incumbent in hopeful expectation of another free prize.