Why It’s Time for the Voters to Fire President Obama

From Forbes:

When you really think about economic growth, what first might appear mysterious on the surface quickly becomes easy to understand. Economic growth results from the hard-wired desire of the individual to produce in order to consume. We all pursue our individual economic specialties, and then we exchange the fruits of our labor for all the things – cars, houses, clothes, food – that we don’t specialize in producing.

Considering economic growth and politicians, the elected among us frequently distort our ability to produce. The United States was founded with a healthy skepticism of governmental involvement in our economy, and today there remains a deep-rooted understanding that politicians – irrespective of party affiliation – produce little while erecting barriers to economic growth. Unless they’re talking about making us more free, odds are they’re not doing anything to enhance our prosperity.

We should certainly question any politician of any ideology promising us the world, and certain politicians are truly oblivious to their ability to damage our economic chances. Barack Obama is that kind of politician, and our economy truly can’t suffer another four years of his misrule.

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