Why Obama Lost The First Debate – And Might Lose The Next Ones

From Forbes:

Even President’s Obama’s most die-hard, left-wing groupies and sycophants – like Stephanie Cutter, Chris Matthews, Bill Maher, Lawrence O’Donnell, John Stewart, and E.J. Dionne – conceded this week that he was trounced by Mr. Romney in the first presidential debate. Still, many of Obama’s lapdogs insisted that he lost only because Mr. Romney “lied his ass off,” which itself is a brazen lie that these liars hope no one notices, since few people, least of all Mr. Obama and his acolytes, care much about fact-checking. Perhaps the best hypothesis about Obama’s dud, one that might convince the most earnest global-warming zealot, came from meteorologist Al Gore, who insisted Obama was fatigued because he didn’t adjust to Colorado’s high altitude. Upon hearing the green weatherman’s unique take, pundits could be heard chanting “exactly!”

Now, back to reality – expunge the Gore from your mind. What’s the real reason Mr. Obama lost and Mr. Romney won? My darling wife Lisa and I both watched the event. In my view it was one of the best U.S. presidential debates ever, and one of the best performances by a GOP candidate, surpassing even Reagan’s famed efforts. Lisa and I had slightly different interpretations of the result, but since she’s far more astute than I about contemporary politics, her take on it is worth sharing publicly (with her kind permission).

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