Worry Over Conoravirus Surge In California’s Suburbs

Four suburban Southern California counties are among those primarily responsible for a dangerous rise in California’s coronavirus hospitalizations, according to a Los Angeles Times data analysis. The four counties have seen significant upticks in hospitalized COVID-19 patients in recent weeks.

Increases in Ventura, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside counties have contributed to an overall rise in hospitalizations recorded statewide that began after Memorial Day, just as officials were rapidly reopening the economy.

There are a variety of possible reasons for the spikes, and health officials say one of them is the return of social gatherings. A barbecue at a mobile home park in Oxnard recently resulted in 19 people testing positive for the virus, and authorities are now monitoring an additional 40 people who are close contacts of those who are infected. …

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  1. An d how many were hospitalized and how many were communist rioters pillaging, burning and plundering???

  2. ms. right says

    A nurse in Riverside said Mexicans are coming across for care and they are being flown to hospitals in the north because border hospitals are full. This could be one of the reasons.

    • Disgusted in LA says


      Here ya go – double counting!!!!! My oh my!!! So – the question is – WHO wants our numbers to go up? Could it be our lovely demented dicKtator who doesn’t want to lose his ill-gained power???? Wouldn’t this just fit into their agenda? Keep us locked down, ruin our economy, kill off some of the population but not allowing or scaring them so they can’t/won’t seek medical help????

  3. Orange County’s density is second to that of San Francisco. That the LA Times calls OC “suburban” is ridiculous. More people commute from LA to work in OC than the other way around. That makes LA the suburb of OC!

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