Katie Hill nude photo with staffer ignored by Los Angeles Times; more media hypocrisy

It took USA Today, the Fort Worth Star and the Washington Post less than 48 hours to report on the nude selfies of Texas Republican Congressman Joe Barton that had been circulating on the internet the week before Thanksgiving in 2017. Yet after close to a week, no local or national main stream media, including the Los Angeles Times, have yet reported on the troubling revelation, first published in Red State at www.redstate.com, that Freshman Democratic Congresswoman Katie Hill was in a three way sexual relationship with her husband and a 22 year old staffer, and that she obviously had inappropriately used campaign and taxpayers funds to keep her, and even another staffer claimed in the sexual allegations, employed. With photos and text messages to prove it all.

At least one of the photos of Hill has now long been released by Red State showing a nude Katie Hill grooming the hair of the young staff member.

The hypocrisy of the media is well reflected in the double standard afforded Hill in this case that was not also offered to former Congressman Barton. The media has been essentially silent about Hill’s obvious transgression against her public trust. But Barton was literally hounded by the press regarding details of a messy divorce and a separate sexual relationship that gave rise to his poor judgment in taking offensive selfies. The media had no problem in very quickly assisting in broad public dissemination of prurient matter when it sullied a Republican. Barton quickly announced his retirement from Congress at the end of his term in the face of the media storm.

Yet Democrat Katie Hill, a NeverTrumper, is being given a huge pass by a media apparently intent on applying a different, laxer standard of accountability to her. Even Twitter is in on the hypocrisy, by placing a censor monitor on news articles that allow click thru to even retouched (for decency) photos of Hill stroking her young staff member’s hair in the nude.

Hill must be held to account, but apparently the Los Angeles Times isn’t at all interested.