Assemblyman Allan Mansoor on Pension Reform

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  1. Insofar that we can’t afford the pensions for public employees and we are hemorrhaging in debt, is there any consideration in restricting the State’s outlays for the subsistence, medical care, housing and other expenses for the illegal aliens? It seems to me if we can’t afford our own civil servants, how can we afford to subsidize those who aren’t even supposed to be here?

  2. This guy doesn’t have a clue… “it’s a problem” but he doesn’t have any percentages or actual figures to give the people – all we hear is talk, talk, talk from Sacramento and no facts. This is an extremely deceptive description of what these people get. I personally know people who work for the prisons and they do not get 2 months’ paid vacation. They had to allow for unlimited accrual because of the backlog due to the idiotic furloughs imposed by Schwarzenegger that they couldn’t take because prisons are 24//7 institutions – they can’t just lock up on Friday and go home. You can look up ANY bargaining unit’s current contract on the websites. I spent a couple hours looking at them – I’m not taking the word of these lying politicians anymore! Even if you fired every single state worker you still wouldn’t balance the budget. Start looking @ other areas and leave our public safety alone. CA is already full of illegals and paroled felons, now they are letting more out and laying off prison workers! Doh!

    • The only figure you need, Kathleen, is the $13 Billion deficit. There is no investment at risk for which you can obtain a guaranteed return unless you are a public employee. Who guarantees the return? The taxpayer. When a prison guard has 2 months vacation per year and can accrue paid sick leave and vacation, the prison guard can retire years early with full pay well into the future and then collect his guaranteed retirement insured by the taxpayer even when the investments have not secured the return necessary to fund the pension payments. A new guard is hired to replace the old one and the cycle starts again. Worse, the guard retires out of state and all of that pension money is spent and taxed outside of California. And that is just prison guards. Illegal immigration support and other STUPID social programs just make all of this worse. 1/2 of California works to support the other 1/2. That cannot work. It is not working. You can beg for statistics and figures, but in a 2.5 minute newscast you are only going to get the big picture.

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