Lou Dobbs comments on Keystone Pipeline delay

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  1. What can anyone say but of course this President, a man with little or no vision, except to take this country down the road in a Progressive/Socialist direction with no regard to history which has shown on every occasion to be a dismal failure. It makes no sense at all when he has agreed that we should be independent of Mid East oil sources and here is the perfect opportunity for everyone, including the Unites States of America and Canada, to benefit together and create thousands and thousands of jobs. God save this Nation from incompetency.

    • sidewinderaz says

      David, I might suggest that Obama knows exactly what he is doing. He told us before that he wanted to “fundamentally change” America and no one was listening. He talked about “sharing the wealth” and no one was listening. All of the things he talked about before he was elected in 2008 including his association with known terrorists and a racist minister. But again no one was listening because the yellow news media was busy painting him as the “messiah” or some sort of superhero. He is a bought and paid for sock puppet for the unions, George Soros, the communists and socialist parties and it’s questionable whether or not he is even eligible to be POTUS because of his dual nationality parents. No, they aren’t incompetent sir, they have a plan to make us into a third world nation and they’re getting very close to doing just that. God help us all indeed!

  2. Amen. Everything you say is verifiably true. The media was definitely in collusion with the elites to get this elected. Obama’s time in office is over, and it is time to move on with the truth. We must restore the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights as our guiding principle and elect Dr. Ron Paul and other Constitutionalists into positions of leadership in this country as statesmen and rid ourselves of idiot politicians.

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