Obama blames Republicans for debt panel failure

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  1. Please, can someone explain to me why we just don’t cut aide to our enimies? You know the ones, Mexico, Iran…etc. If we stop supporting people who are intent on our distruction, then they would have no way of hurting us, or at least we wouldn’t be funding it.
    Heres another idea; how about cutting the government….wow what a concept. In 2009 it cost the taxpayers 29 billion…per month to run. Now, as of Oct 2011 the cost has gone up to over 203 billion a month. (info from the US Treasury)
    Why is it the dumocrats want to cut domestic spending? I think between reducing government spending and giving aide to our enemies that should save us at least 1 trillion a year if not more.

    • Robin,
      let’s take this a step farther. Obama is the problem, along with his cronies. I hope many of the un-enlightened who comment have read the Nobama Health care bill. From their comments, I doubt it. For instance, do they know that Obama, Pelosi, and Reed by virtue of jamming this bill down our throats were responsible for gutting medicare for seniors? The deep cuts in medi-care highlighted in this bill are going to be one of the primary sources to pay for this bill. And Obama has the gall to lie to Americans and Seniors about this? If this bill is not repealed and kicks in in 2013 or 2014 the first to go is medi-care. If this bill is so goooood why is are Obama, His Union flunkies, and cronies exempt from it? Also this bill alone is one of the major reasons this country is deep in debt. Do the math. 1% of billionaires in this country wouldn’t begin to touch the cost of the bill!

  2. Harvey M. Edwards says

    There should have been an obama hot air balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving
    Day parade. As usual, he always has to blame someone else for his
    shortcomings. He is not a leader, he is a bleeder.
    He should stop all his spending sprees and get real.
    I and many, many others will not vote for this liar.

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