Why aren’t earthquake warnings better?

VIDEO: Jerry Brown’s false narrative of a California recovery

American Conservative Union board member Jim Lacy, author of Taxifornia, on Varney & Company discussing Governor Jerry Brown’s false narrative of a California recovery.


Peaceful protests by day, mayhem at night in Ferguson

From CNN:

VIDEO: Jim Lacy on the Obama administration picking winners and losers in business

ACU Board Member Jim Lacy appeared on Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney Show on 8/15 to discuss the problems of government “picking and choosing winners and losers” in business in the case of California’s incentive offer to exempt Tesla from environmental regulations – but not the rest of the businesses in the state.

Two Senators Say Obama Is Ignoring Intelligence About This Major Threat To Attack The U.S.

Watch: Smugglers cross the U.S./Mexico border with ease

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Hamas militant rocket assembly

Border Patrol Agent gives honest answer on entering the U.S.

Israeli Leader: We have to win

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U.S. Marine attacked by pro-Palestinian protesters in Washington, DC