Jean Quan “agrees” with Occupy Oakland but opposes port blockade efforts; former advisor joins protesters

This morning as Occupy Oakland implemented their plan to “blockade” the Port and disrupted big rig access to the Port of Oakland, Mayor Jean Quan told the San Francisco Chronicle that she agrees with the goals of Occupy Oakland but hopes they will “respect the rights of the 99% trying to work today,” meaning members of the Teamsters and Longshoreman’s unions who represent her political support in Oakland.  In the meantime, Dan Seigel, Mayor Quan’s former attorney advisor who recently resigned, was sighted among protesters attempting to disrupt business at the Port.  Seigel was quoted as saying that the mood is “festive” today among protesters whose aim is to close down the terminal for the Port facility and stop all business.

Occupy Oakland takes over part of Port of Oakland rail yard, photo courtesy Brian Sims, flickr




  1. One correction: Siegel is not and never was the City Attorney of Oakland, nor was he a candidate or anybody’s “pick” for the job. He was a personal advisor/consigliere to the mayor, not an attorney for the city in any way. The City Attorney for Oakland is Barbara Parker.

    Alex Katz, Oakland City Attorney’s Office

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