Michael Dukakis to campaign for Brad Sherman against Howard Berman in Los Angeles Congressional District

Michael Dukakis, the liberal former Governor of Massachusetts who gave convicted first-degree murderer Willie Horton a prison furlough during which Horton raped a woman in Maryland, and the candidate for President in 1988 who blew his chances to beat George H.W. Bush by infamously campaigning from the turret of an M1 Abrams tank, will be a “featured guest” at a fundraiser for Congressman Brad Sherman (D-Ca.) in Studio City on January 19.  Because of redistricting the two incumbent Congressmen, Sherman and Howard Berman, must face off against each other for one to stay in Congress.  The race promises to be a very intense one, as under California’s new “open primary” system where the two top vote getters run against each other in the November general election, rather than the top nominees of political parties, this is a race where two incumbent Democrats may actually have to run against each other twice in 2012, once in the primary and again in the general elections.  Berman and Sherman have similar views and a similar voting record on most issues and their battle is symptomatic of the failure of the new “open primary” system to offer a competition of ideas for voters as opposed to limited choice between political personalities, which simply invites more negative campaigning, something voters repeatedly tell pollsters they dislike in election campaigns.


  1. Combat to the death between Tweedle-dum, and Tweedle-dummer.

  2. That he died, last I heard of Dukakis was , he said he stood 5 ft 9 inches tall. I’m only 5′ 7″ and Looked over his head by 4 inches.

  3. Wow, bad-mouthing Michael Dukakis, politically risky move, don’t you think, conservative-hack-who-runs-this-website?

    • James V. Lacy says

      Jeff, for 30 years we’ve put up with liberals who still complain about the 1981 Reagan budget cuts. Consider our history lesson in this piece just a fair amount of yin yang.

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