Nevada prostitutes favor Ron Paul in survey; raising funds for Paul at brothel

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Prostitution is legal in the counties just outside Las Vegas, and CNN International reported last night that one area brothel, the Moonlite Bunny Ranch and its hookers, are so impressed with Ron Paul’s “principled stand on personal liberties” that they are collecting campaign contributions for him from customers.  The story has been just below the national media radar screen until the last few days, however, about four days ago Nevada’s best known brothel owner, Dennis Hof, sent out a press release, according to Daily Cos,  that explained that in a Presidential preference survey of 500 Nevada hookers,  Ron Paul came in first place.  “A lot of them supported Obama” last time, said Hof.


  1. Richard Greaves says

    Yes, personal liberty means you have the right to do what you want without doing harm to others. But I would think Dr Ron Paul would likely say that if there is increased risk to your life due to your actions or lifestyle, better to avoid it for your own good.

    • Apparently there are those placing comments on this site that have not watched some Fox News Republican debates, Ron Paul has said he thinks prostitution should be legalized. Yes, he is a doctor, yes he is sensible, But he is a states riights man who believes in the legalization of prostitution as it is in Nevada. , Also, there has never been a case of sexually transmitted disease in all teh decades that brothels have been legalized in Nevada. Condoms are used for everything, and double condoms at that, I know a lady who worked at one of the legal brothels, the Chicken ranch, in Pahrump. . Check teh statistics on this issue in necada, There has never been one case of sexually transmitted disease in teh Nevada legal brothels.

  2. Another RINO jab that misses the larger point. Nice job, Jim.

    • James V. Lacy says

      If you are suggesting that Ron Paul is a better Republican than most, recall he deserted the party in 1988 to run for president as a third party candidate on a platform that favored abolishing the CIA and FBI. He also voted against giving Ronald Reagan a gold medal. Right now, with his vicious attacks on Gingrich, Santorum, and Perry, Ron Paul is the Republican In Name Only, not someone else.

      • Dr. Ron Paul is not a RINO but a true Constitutionalist who believes in much smaller government and liberty, James V. Lacy. He does not want to abolish the FBI and the CIA but to have them operate under better supervision within the constraints of our Bill of Rights and Constitution. He has stated that the Departments of Education, Commerce, and Energy should be on the chopping block and only restrain the business they purport to serve. Way to much government is the problem and these so called vicious attacks on opposition candidates are truthful and not negative. Do some more research before you state unprovable comments as truth.

        • James V. Lacy says

          The Libertarian Party platform Ron Paul ran under for President in 1988 is available for all to see on Wikipedia here: and more information is here:,_1988. As stated above, in that election Ron Paul ran for President on a platform that called for “the removal of all nuclear weapons from Europe, termination of the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, withdrawal of all American troops abroad, prosecution of anyone who knowingly spreads AIDS and the legalization of hypodermic syringe possession.” Dr. Timothy Leary, the Berkeley counter-culture icon who advocated the use of LSD and other psycho-tropic drugs, held a fundraiser for him that year. The platform Paul ran on supported the right of doctors and nurses to refuse to treat AIDS patients and the right of property owners to refuse to rent to or associate with AIDS victims. The platform’s other planks urged the repeal of laws against crimes that do not involve victims, oppose any kind of compulsory national service or limits on free speech and call for the abolition of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency. See: The only plank Paul reportedly disagreed with was on abortion.

          So, I have done my research. Perhaps you should do more.

  3. The Moonlight Bunny Ranch is located just east of Carson City, quite aways from “counties just outside Las Vegas”. But, that aside, it’s nice that a prominant businessman in NV has taken a stance to counteract the influence of Steve Wynn on NV politics, though I’m sure Steve is having second thoughts on his support for Obama – now if he would only ditch Harry.

    • James V. Lacy says

      Thank you for your knowledge of the location of this particular brothel. To be really accurate, prostitution is legal in most counties in Nevada other than the counties that Reno and Las Vegas are located. Mr. Hof owns several brothels statewide and the survey of the prostitutes accounts for all the prostitutes who work for him, whom according to the press release, support Paul for president by a majority. However, the Moonlight Bunny Ranch is the only brothel that press reports indicate is actually raising money for Paul from customers. Hope this clears things up.

      • Military personnel also overwhelmingly support Dr. Ron Paul for President of the United States of America as he respects liberty and freedom and not policing every country on the planet. We need to take care of our own needs and not nation build and overthrow other countries we do not agree with politically.

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