Rick Perry Bows Out Today – Endorses Gingrich for President

In a very eloquent farewell, Texas Governor Rick Perry thanked his wife, family and impressive list of endorsers and bowed out of the race for the Republican nomination for President.  In doing so, he endorsed Newt Gingrich for President, giving Newt a significant lift just two days before the important South Carolina primary election, where Gingrich is already getting a little traction against front runner Willard “Mitt” Romney.  Recent polls have Romney at about 34%, Newt at 26%, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum in statistical tie at 14% and Perry at about 4%.  Whether Perry’s numbers in South Carolina will entirely transfer to Newt remains to be seen, however, if Gingrich is increasingly seen as the only capable “anti-Romney” candidate, his hopes to beat Romney are surely improved by Perry’s endorsement gesture.

And here is a point that might be missed in the mainstream media reports on the significance of the Perry endorsement of Gingrich today.  Texas will have a huge load of delegates to the Republican National Convention this August.  In my opinion, the Perry endorsement is most significant for Newt in the likelihood he will gain most of those delegates, if he can hang in there in opposing Romney thru the Texas primary later in the Spring.  If Rick Santorum can now be brought to terms with Newt, Romney could end up having a real race on his hands.  It is also of interest that according to news reports this morning, “recapitulations” of the Iowa caucus vote appear to show Santorum as the actual vote winner there, thus robbing the media of the often stated claim that Romney is the only candidate for the Republican nomination to have won both Iowa and New Hampshire.  If Newt finishes close to Romney on Saturday, we could be in for a lengthy battle for the Republican nomination, with Newt gaining, Romney treading the same 25%-30%, and Ron Paul fading as the nomination moves on to larger states where his crank foreign policy ideas become more widely known and opposed.


  1. Fred Campbell says

    Philosophically, I hate to lose Perry as a candidate. He represented much that is good for America.

    But, politics is the art of the possible, not the optimum.

    His endorsement of Gingrich, and his delivery of the Texas delegates, should be honored as his contribution to the rescue of America from those who are intent on destroying it.

    God bless you, Governor Perry.

  2. Ron Paul will probably stay to the end – he’s more about the message than winning. Hopefully, Santorum will decide that his message will continue by backing Gingrich. I’ve communicated with at least one person I know well and trust who also knows Gingrich well and believes that Gingrich has ackowledged his past dumb personal decisions and rehabilited himself. The media will play it differently, but I’m personally satisfied.

    If nothing else, I’d pay good money to see Gingrich debat Obama.

  3. Bill…Obama will eat Newt for breakfast with all of the laundry he’s got.
    Only one man will beat Obama in a debate…

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