Will Desparate Obama Dump Biden to Win Re-election?

With polls showing the generic Republican opponent, even Ron Paul, neck-and-neck with Barack Obama in the Presidential election, is it possible that Obama will eject his loyal Vice-President, Delaware’s Joe Biden, from the Democrat ticket and turn to another more popular Democrat to try to improve his chances of re-election?  The idea is not fantasy, and the tough guys behind Obama in his Chicago Machine of managers may very well urge him to make such a move if he continues to decline to dangerous levels in public opinion.

Several scenarios have apparently been under consideration. Last summer the New York Post reported that its sources were urging Obama to drop Biden and pick New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who had just had a big policy “victory” in instituting a gay marriage law.  The Post also cited a prediction by former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown that Obama would indeed pick Cuomo to replace Biden, who would be offered the Secretary of State job to replace Hillary Clinton as a consolation.  Earlier speculation included that Hillary herself might replace Biden, but that was ended when Clinton told NBC News in October that it was not “even in the realm of possibility and in large measure because I think Vice President Biden has done am amazingly good job.”

But Obama’s and his back-room managers’ loyalty to Biden might not be the same as Hillary’s.  Last month Biden made quite a gaffaw in the minds of many when he said “the Taliban per se is not our enemy.”   Several prominent Democrats criticized Biden including former Virginia Governor Douglas Wilder, who called on Obama to drop Biden from the ticket in 2012 as a result of the foreign policy embarrassment.  While Obama’s aides were effusively denying any thoughts of replacing Biden last summer, more recently they have been less out-front in their defense of him.

Regardless, Biden, 69, has been clear in stating to the press that he will indeed still be on the Democrat ticket with Obama.  But just a few days ago New York Times columnist Bill Keller wrote that it was time for Obama to “seriously” consider replacing Joe Biden with Hillary Clinton.  Keller’s scenario would have Hillary step down as Secretary of State later this spring and giving her title to the Vice-President, who would for a time be Secretary of State and Vice-President.  Then at the Democratic Convention, Obama would make a great gesture towards his formal rival and nominate her to be Vice-President.  She would be free of her duties at the State Department and could barnstorm the country with Bill Clinton in tow to help Obama win his re-election.  When that happened, former Vice-President Biden would be allowed to stay in the administration as the incumbent Secretary of State.  From 2012 to 2016, the dominant forces and faces in his administration would be Obama, Hillary, and you got it, Second Man Bill Clinton, who would probably get an office in the White House Executive Office Building.

It does sound like fantasy, but so did the thought of Obama becoming President, just four years ago.



  1. Levi Strauss says

    Be a big mistake. Right now, Biden is about the only comparison that makes him look intelligent.

  2. You got that right

  3. Dolores Tamoria says

    Biden believe it or not is somewhat of a relief from Obama and his gang. No, nothing will help Obama come the next election except his cheating, strong armed tactics or God Forbid a Declaration of Martial Law. If that should occur, God Help Him and his cronies for I believe All Hell would break loose.

  4. Peter Zobian says

    If Hillary becomes the Vice Presidential candidate and Obuma gets re-elected (horrible thought), then Obuma better watch his back. There might be a bullseye there.

  5. YES !!! But, I hope he doesn’t. Even the Dems can see they teamed up two losers.

  6. Biden? The dems should have pulled Obama from the ticket if they wanted to have a chance at winning. No one has made more gaffes than Obama.

  7. none of the above are a good choice. that would just be more of what we have now.
    May GOD be with us is all i can say.

  8. Stumbled on this, as indicative of my handle. Are you people nuts? Right goo, ask the insane if they are insane. Biden is fine as VP. He is certainly no worse than that idiot under the first Bush or darth vader under the second bush. There is no reasonable scenario for any republican to defeat Obama. The poll cited by the blog dofuss is against a generic republican. Every poll against a specific republican has a demo landslide.

    You have a big problem you can’t get around: Obama killed bin Laden. That shoots the heck out of repubs being strong on defense. The other problem is that we live in a republican created economy. You guys are sooo up a creek.

    • Peter Zobian says

      Sorry Footgoo, you are sooo wrong. And blaming Bush is sooo old. We had a Democrat President and a Democrat Congress and the blame rests squarely on them for this sad economy. Obama has been a lousy President and anyone with half a brain, Democrat or Republican, realizes what a mess he has made.

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