Updated: Will Democrat Judge Sandoval further delay Democrat Assemblywoman’s shoplifting trial?

Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi’s felony theft prosecution by the San Francisco District Attorney for stealing over $2,000 in merchandize from the Union Square Neiman-Marcus store has seen two delays now in simply setting a date for a preliminary hearing.  Some observers believe the delays in what would otherwise be a very routine shoplifting case are occurring because the Judge handling the case, Gerardo Sandoval, is himself a partisan Democrat and elected official, having served on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, and who was not only endorsed by the Democratic Party for his judge election, but who used the partisan endorsement in the nonpartisan race for judge in mass advertising, an action considered by many judges as unprincipled.  Because of his evident partisanship, Sandoval is seen as giving special privileges to fellow Democrat Hayashi so she can buy time to stay in the Assembly as long as possible.  This is because if Hayashi is convicted of the shoplifting (which will surely happen in a quick trial if the case gets to a jury) she will have to resign from the Assembly, and her seat will become vacant (for a period until a special election is held) thus threatening the Democrats near super-majority hold on the lower house of the Legislature.  Sandoval has also excused Hayashi from even having to personally attend the two hearings already held.

The Hayashi felony theft case is now scheduled to be in Sandoval’s court again this Friday, January 6, where attorneys for the prosecution and defense are supposed to agree with the judge on a date for a preliminary hearing.  Under state law, Hayashi must personally attend the preliminary hearing, Sandoval cannot excuse Hayashi again from that one.  After giving Hayashi two excusals and two delays, the big question for this Friday is, will Sandoval continue to allow the game playing or get down to the people’s business of dispensing justice?  The case is not complicated at all.  A third delay in simply setting a preliminary hearing date would be ridiculous and a grave offense to the judicial system.

Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi mug shot courtesy San Francisco Police Department

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  1. Spyder dalton says

    Outright criminal of this judge… And the assembly woman. They both need to be removed!

  2. AD-RtR/OS! says

    “Stupid is, as stupid does.”

  3. I have no doubt that this snake of a woman, with the help of her high priced lawyers, will go free. She will plea bargain to a misdemeanor and then serve the rest of her life in politics and feed from the trough.

    Nothing changes.

  4. A democrat crook. Imagine that!

  5. Hey, Demo’s take care of Demo’s remember that.
    Just goes to show you what wonderful Liars, Crooks, theive sand decievers the Democratic party is.

  6. let’s get her out of her nest! vote her out!! this judge probably belongs in the hall of shame. There are many on the list that need to be cleaning toilets instead of legislating from the bench.

  7. sidewinderaz says

    Yep. Democrats and crooks. But I repeat myself.

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