Go Pete Caroll!

Seahawk’s coach Pete Caroll is one win away from making football history!  If the Seahawks win the Superbowl, he will be the only football coach in history to have won two Superbowls and two collegiate football national championships.  And those college championships were as head coach of our state’s University of Southern California Trojans.

There is indeed a California connection to Pete Caroll, and Trojan fans fondly remember him for bringing vitality and strength back into the USC football program after several years of misfires.  Sadly, some of Pete’s achievement at USC was marred by recruiting violations.  But that doesn’t change the fact of the football wins, any more than the “deflategate” scandal has disqualified the New England Patriots from their chance to battle the Seahawks in football’s biggest game.  Regardless, we wish both Pete Caroll and Bill Belichick and their teams good luck in the Super Bowl on Sunday, and Trojan fans especially superbowl01-300x238will know who they are rooting for!


  1. Well he lost !.. and beside the loss he is whiny ass, little fart acting just like his coach days at SC always bitching at the referees that they made the wrong call and that his people never commit fouls. BS. Great performance Patriots it was a tough one. No more Campbell soups ads I hope for you know who.

    • James V. Lacy says

      When I heard Tom Brady had a cold I was pretty sure he’d have trouble but that was not the case. The end of the game was great until marred but Irwin of Seattle punching the Patriot player. Extremely unsportsmanlike and glad he was penalized and ejected. Katy Perry’s “Firework” at half-time was spectacular too, though audio was rough.

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