Pete Carroll almost made history but Steve Stevens made $500,000 on Superbowl

Pete Carroll might have been the only football coach in history to have won two Superbowls and two national collegiate championships, and after a spectacular Jermaine Kearse juggling catch in the red zone into a last minute march to the goal-line, it looked like it was going to happen for Seattle, who trailed the Patriots by 28-24.  Marshawn Lynch, Seattle’s crack running back, was a cinch to run the final score into the end-zone and win the game for the Seahawks, but instead, Quarterback Russell Wilson threw an interception to the Pat’s defender Malcolm Butler and the game ended, after a little player rumble, with Quarterback Tom Brady’s Patriots as the winners.  Pete Carroll’s hopes were dashed at least this year.

There were plenty of happy Patriot fans, but perhaps the happiest would have been Steve Stevens of VIP Sports Betting in Las Vegas.  Stevens, who was featured last year on a CNBC series on sports betting, had tweeted and Facebooked before the game start that he had personally bet $500,000 on the Patriots.  He was probably the happiest person in America when the Patriots sealed their victory with just 20 seconds left in the


  1. NorCal Libertarian says

    Correction….it’s Russell Wilson….not Miller

  2. Pass on 2nd and Goal from the <1-yd line?
    Pete Carroll is mortal after all – and pretty …king dumb, too – 'well, we had our plan and we decided to stick to it'.
    Does anyone think that Woody Hayes would not have pounded that line for four straight plays (if necessary) with the best running back in the game?

  3. Does anyone else think that Pete Carroll should be investigated relative to gambling?? Is there ny other explanation??

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