A Rape Victims Viewpoint—Trish Todd

This is a difficult article.  Here you have a person, who as a staffer says she was raped by a Republican member of the Assembly, Bill Brough.  Then when she reported it to her boss, he did nothing.  Finally, when the situation became public, State Senator John Moorlach claimed he knew nothing about it and that she was a “bad employee”.  Then a former State Senator reminded him he knew about months before. Then her personnel records became public showing Moorlach wanted a raise for her, since she was an outstanding staff member.

Sexual abuse is wrong.  Period.  Whether by a Democrat or Republican it is wrong.  It should not be condoned, covered up or the rape victim made into a victim again by the media or a politician.  The State Republican Party protected Bill Brough—the voters threw him out of office.  If the Establishment refuses to act like an adult, then the voters need to do so.

A Rape Victims Viewpoint—Trish Todd

By Patricia Todd,  Exclusive to the California Political News and Views, 3/5/21 

Until one has walked in my shoes, one cannot fathom what I have endured the past couple of months. My friends and family repeatedly ask how I have coped since going public with the rape and sexual assault by former Assemblyman Bill Brough in 2015. My response has been, “I don’t some days.”

Reliving the details, encountering nightmares, wondering what friends and family thought about the secret I was forced to keep silent about for the past five and half years does sometimes become overwhelming.

The physical harm I endured was only part of the pain. When I learned about the lies and smears being told about me, it reminded me the #MeToo Movement was precisely about my current journey. Victim shaming, being silenced and publicly judged not only reinjured me, but frightened those who have yet to come forward, those who are still too afraid to use their voice and share what happened to them.

When I first reported the rape through tears and the fear of sharing this information, I naively believed my supervisor, Tim Clark, Senator Moorlach’s Chief of Staff, would go to the senator and help me get care and involve the proper authorities. Instead I was told to be silent and report it to no one.

I also thought once my criminal complaint was public, I would receive a phone call or some type of personal contact or a sympathetic, “Are you okay?” or “What can I do to help you?” from Senator Moorlach. Instead the tables were flipped like an episode from The Real Housewives and my personal integrity and character were attacked. I was lied about by Senator Moorlach to people who had never met me. This included the entire Orange County Register Editorial Board. Senator Moorlach made completely false claims about me being a bad hire, a disgruntled former employee and the puppet of union bosses, which then became the new twist in the current Orange County 2 Supervisor race.

I often wondered how someone can view themselves in the mirror and claim to be “Christian” when their behavior is the complete opposite of Jesus’ teachings. For the record, I am in possession of my entire Senate personnel file. I released it to the public and press. It shows the exact opposite of the lies shared about me. I sent an email on January 12, 2021 asking for proof of what was said. I was willing to sign a release. What did I hear in return? Deafening silence! Clearly, these are signs of someone so caught up in a bed of lies that saying nothing is all that can be said.

If one looks, there are sixteen photos on Senator Moorlach’s Senate Facebook page that include my image. If I was a horrible staff member or disgruntled employee would an employer would keep these on social media? For the record, I have never been disgruntled or embittered. I am, however, bewildered by the behavior of people whose actions and words are at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to doing the right thing.

When I left Senator Moorlach’s employment, I received a Senate Resolution which praised my professionalism, legislative expertise and went on to say I was an asset. For those unfamiliar with State Capitol traditions, when legislative employees following years of public service leave or retire, it is symbolic for their legislative member to speak about their years of service, ask their family to attend session and bestow upon them a Resolution during a presentation on the Senate Floor. Senator Moorlach chose to recognize my years of public service through the mail.

Political vanity and personal ego can cloud the mind and allow one to do and say things they will regret later. The words, “I am sorry” or “I was wrong” can be difficult words for narcissists to use, but in this case are necessary. One cannot claim to detest sexual assault then victim shame. One cannot claim to be a person of valor then turn their head and choose to not do what is right. One cannot claim to know what it has been like for me because their opinion of themselves is so high they cannot even see my shoes let alone know what it is like to walk in them every day.

Patricia Todd

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  1. You upset the apple cart. You revealed the true side of someone who had presented an entirely different persona to the public that was required to keep him in his “cush” job that that persona had allowed him to acquire. He did what was natural to protect that cush job. When was the last time you heard a politician say yeah, she’s right, I did it ? I’m going to take a wild guess that you’re not the only one this has happened to.

  2. So Moorlach should be vot]ed out?

  3. I find it interesting that this is being pushed right now. Posting an article a few days before the polls close is hardly unbiased. While it is possible that Ms. Todd was assulted, that alleged assault did not involve Mr. Moorlach. He has no responsibility to prosecute this case and cannot really affect the result of any prosecution.

    This smells like a political smear campaign like what was done to Judge Kavanaugh. I wonder who the political consultants are for the candidates running against Mr. Moorlach.

    Note: my prior comment was deleted. We’ll see if this one is posted.

    • M. Cowles says

      I take it you have not been following this story. It broke last November. She continues to get interest from different groups because people can not believe this has been down played by so many outlets.
      He is responsible for keeping his Staff safe. For addressing atrocities that happen in his scope regardless of when it occurs. Smearing her did happen. I’ve seen the resolution. He loved her as a staff member, until she became uncomfortable for him.
      Bill Brough is going down. There’s too much evidence against him now but it was Moorlach’s responsibility to protect his team and he failed and lied.

  4. Arletta Bunnell says

    Hey DT!


    Moorlach had an OBLIGATION to report it!!!!!

    To Ms. Todd’s point…he put himself above the law and FAILED to do the right thing as a human being, let alone as a manager/employer!

    Is that really the type of person you want making decisions for the community???? No morals. No values.

    Wake up OC!!!!

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