As many of you know there is a Recall petition to end the term of Gavin Newsom as Governor.  Why?  He no longer represents the best interests of the 40 million people of California.  You know the story, a tax he can not oppose, a Pastor he can not threaten with arrest, a job he can not kill.  He has assured us he is working hard to keep California out of a Recession.  And he is doing that. How?  By putting us in a long term Depression.  Tired of his lack of real leadership?  Tired of his lack of representing the people of California?

Now the California Democrat Party has spoken.  As Governor, he is the top Democrat in the State—until this past weekend—the Democrat Party has dethroned him.  The tradition is that the top Democrat in the State is the leader of the Democrat delegation to the National Convention to nominate a candidate for President and Vice President. Not anymore.


Stephen Frank, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views   6/30/20

From the California Playbook, “BERNIE MOVEMENT REJECTS GAVIN: Bernie Sanders may not be the Democratic nominee, but his followers are flexing their muscle in California, where he handily won the March 3 primary. And those grassroots Democratic activists last weekend rejected Gavin Newsom when they voted to name who will lead them into this summer’s Democratic National Convention.

Their choices: Rep. Ro Khanna of Silicon Valley, the most prominent and high profile backer of Bernie Sanders’ presidential run, along with Rep. Barbara Lee of Oakland, an icon to the progressive crowd. And representing the more moderate wing of the party will be Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda Solis, who served as secretary of labor during the Obama administration.”

California Democrats are now run by an Antifa supporting chair of the Sanders for President Campaign, a Congressman from the Bay Area.  Oh, Solis represents the “moderate wing of the Democrat Party”?  She is an open socialist wanting to defund the police, take down statues and rename streets, towns, etc. and run government on racist, bigoted policies—a hater—and that is the “moderate” of the bunch.

 Someone might say, well, with the virus and the problems of government, Newsom can not spend several days away from the State playing politics.  Guess what—there is NO live, in person Democrat Convention.

Again, from the Playbook, “So he, Lee and Solis may miss that big TV moment of delivering California’s delegates to Biden amid a big crowd and in front of the TV cameras. But “I’m perfectly happy,’’ he said, “to do it on Zoom.”

Newsom could have done it from him home lockdown.  But, this is an important statement to Newsom and other white, male Regressives in the Democrat Party—they do not want you.  So, when he runs for President in 2024, he will not have Regressives support—just the outdated Pelosi, his relative, supporting him—and those people try as they might to be hateful of themselves are now disposable in the NEW Democrat Party.

So, join the Democrats in Recalling Gavin Newsom.  Go to and sign the petition, distribute the petition

This past weekend the 2024 Newsom for President campaign ended—killed by his own Party, telling him, he is no needed or relevant.  Wonder what he will do next? 

I applaud the Democrats for taking the first step in ending the phony liberals ownership of the Democrat Party.  Long Life radicalism! Democrats have RECALLED Gavin Newsom.

About Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. Nursing home deaths? Murder/Manslaughter?

  2. As a reflection of Newsom’s lack of leadership the California Democrats rejection of their highest-ranking Democrat to lead the 495-member state delegation to the National Convention should be a wake-up call to all California Democrats. Instead of Newsom, the Democrats chose Rep. Ro Khanna of Fremont and Rep. Barbara Lee of Oakland to join Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda Solis as the delegation leaders.

  3. Fran Freedle says

    With Newsom’s continued dictatorial actions in California, he is creating a perfect storm to blow him out of office!

  4. Really??? says

    What is great is he finally exposed himself as a political ideologue and incapable of effective leadership.

    What is discomforting is the people who the Socialist Democrats want to replace him is the difference between a bullet and slow suffocation.

    As Frisco twists into a Socialist Slum, the Dem’s are now trying to figure a way out of 50 years of bankruptcy both fiscal and ideological.

  5. Terry L Gherardi says


  6. Stanwyck says

    The communists moving against the socialists. Honestly this is distraction. Keep your eye on the ball which is the mandatory vaccination and the whole covid- in order to finally implant the one world government. This is what everyone needs to be focused on and fighting. We have two choices facing us resist and fight them now or be enslaved. Their plans and methods are out in the open.

  7. Gary Clark says

    They think they’re going to take “it” (… a ‘magic bullet’ “way out of 50 years of bankruptcy both fiscal and ideological”) out the hide of their Police Forces; but as The US Declaration declares:

    “¶ We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.—That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, …”

    The “Reason for Existence” of Governments, thus’ stipulated as: “to secure these Rights”… the Police Forces being among the few agencies of Government still fulfilling said Fundamental Commission in these latter days — it is a ‘given’ that the “causes” they will divert their Police Budgets toward, will place them even further out of the “frying pan” and into the blazing “fires of Hell” than they already are. “Good luck with that?” — NAY! It is a ‘given’, no ‘luck’ involved — a foregone conclusion. We are witness to this debacle and here to testify. Whether or not we will win a temporary reprieve from such as these through “recalls” and such, is “up in the air” — God knows; but hat “foregone conclusion” is immutable.

    Good riddance to Gobernador Nuisance, though.

  8. William Hicks says

    Show’s you how the democrat party has been hijacked when guv nuisance is not leftist enough.

  9. John Steele says

    Ro Khanna of Silicon Valley… communist mole in the Congress. Gavin ain’t left enough. The Red Bernies are now in charge and the communist play book is hard ball politics, riots and assassinations.. Whats next.
    They already tried to smoke Scalia the Repub whip.

  10. I have received two of the four petitions asking for removal of Guv Nusance, I gladly signed both and will again sign any others that come to me…..Every state with huge fiscal and economic problems and societal unrest is run by the DIMMwit party and headed down hill…Ca is among those in the bunch and will lose biz and wealth up the gazoo…..We may see Ca turn right, that is if we don’t secede and seek to become part of communist china as out legislators would vote for…..Term limits for these clowns would be good….

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