Best Buy CEO says rising thefts are ‘traumatic’ for employees

“Best Buy reaps what it sows.  Like many of the big corporations today, they have funneled millions to the left. They funded radical anti-Trump groups and even gave to the pro-terrorist Islamic group CAIR.  They came out in support of illegal immigration.  They cut off all PAC donations to Republicans and donate mostly to Dems today.   They came out in opposition to a badly need voter reform law in Georgia and they practice racism in hiring, announcing that 1/3 of all employees must be minorities, merit be damned.  And now they cry about their stores being looted in cities that have defunded the police, a policy promoted by the same leftists they support.   

Sorry, but no tears here.”

Corporations have been funding and supporting radical, violent organizations.  They have become as racist as the KKK.  But when they are harmed, they want protection—the same protection they do not want their customers or employees to have.  Another sign of the collapse of civility in America.

Best Buy CEO says rising thefts are ‘traumatic’ for employees

By Brad Dress, The Hill,   – 11/23/21

The CEO of Best Buy said the recent spate of mass store thefts is hurting the company’s business and has been “traumatic” for employees.

Corie Barry told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Tuesday she is “seeing more loosely organized groups come together and target our stores,” a trend that is scaring employees.

“What I would really stress here is, for our employees, these are really traumatic experiences,” she said. “Obviously, their safety is our first priority.”

Best Buy will combat the issue by working more closely with local law enforcement and locking up more products, in an effort to implement more safeguards and prevent theft and looting.

“They are happening more and more across the country,” Barry said. “It’s really been a horrible change in the trajectory of the business, and one we are working hard to try and stem.”

A variety of stores nationwide are experiencing a rise in shoplifting. Walgreens announced in October it was closing five stores because of crime sprees, while two Nordstroms in California were hit this week by mobs of thieves.

Best Buy has seen a number of electronics and devices stolen at its stores, too. Best Buy’s third-quarter earnings report was higher than expected, but the company saw a 15 percent drop in its stock on Tuesday. 

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  1. Otis Needleman says

    Get woke, go broke. NFG. I don’t shop there any more.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. John Hurabiell says

    Screw Best Buy—they’ll never get my business.

  3. “A leader is responsible for everything his men do or fail to do.”–a rather “crusty” Marine Staff Sergeant made us shout this out every time our OCC platoon was dismissed. BB’s CEO proved that this is a standard totally beyond his willingness to understand. Stealing from a customer is okay, non-customers stealing from BB is not (and it is not). To BB’s CEO, the former is acceptable, the latter is not. Fairness is a coin with two sides.

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