Biden Regime Turns U.S, Into Fascist Third World Nation

Biden Regime Turns U.S, Into Fascist Third World Nation

Stephen Frank, editorial, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views,  8/11/22

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First Biden and his regime need to stop pretending the demented Joe was not told, if not ordered the Gestapo, ur, FBI to raid the Trump home in Florida.  Does anyone with an IQ over room temperature the head of the FBI and the Attorney General would raid the home of a former President and a very possible candidate against Joe Biden, without telling him.  If you believe that, then you are also part of the very few that do not know the difference between a man and a woman.

How do you tell is a nation is run by fascists and is a Third World Country?

  1.  You lock down families in their homes and call them unpatriotic if they believe the science and want to live their lives.
  2. You close down the churches
  3. Your close down the schools
  4. You use the school sot promote racism and sexual perversion.
  5. You force police, firefighters, nurses, cops and others to take a dangerous drug, without telling them the risks.
  6. You force young people to take a dangerous drug without telling them about the possibility of infertility, the probability of heart disease and other long term, life time ailments.
  7. You force little kids to wear masks, knowing they are worthless—and by wearing them, force the kids to breathe only recycled bad air.
  8. You know you live in a Fascist State when the President and his family is taking money from the Communist Chinese, Russian oligarch’s, violate Federal lobbying laws, use the office of Vice President to get hookers, drugs and millions from crooks.
  9. You are in a Fascist nation when the Vice President, Biden, threatens the Ukraine government that if they do not KEEP the corrupt Attorney General, the U.S. will stop supporting them—and then the VP son makes millions from this protection.
  10. You are in a Fascist nation when you raid the home of a past President for taking documents from the White House—but do not raid the home of Hillary Clinton who admits she broke the law when she destroyed 33,000 emails, or when you put hundreds of people in jail, so far for over a year, on a misdemeanor—and torture them.  Castro would be proud of Pelosi and Biden.
  11. You know you are in a Fascist State when you are afraid to stand up to China.
  12. You are in a Fascist Third World State when the major corporations hate freedom, denounce family values and prefer to do business in China—such as Apple.
  13. You are in a Fascist State when a major political Party, Democrats, demand your child go to failed government schools—and fight to stop homeschooling and allow unions, not parents and teachers to control the schools.
  14. We are in a Fascist State when Lois Lerner, head of the IRS, harasses and stops conservatives from creating organizations to stop the fascist State, under ORDERS from President Obama, then when caught breaking numerous laws—and no legal/criminal action is taken against her.
  15. You live in a Fascist Third World State when the IRS grows by 87,000 new employees, for the purpose of harassing citizens and costing them time, effort, money and fear—more than doubling the size of this already corrupt organization—used by the Democrats to harm decent citizens.
  16. You live in a Fascist Third World Country where the governing Party prefers to buy oil from terrorist nations—the President GIVES 2 million barrels from our strategist reserves to the nation that has paid his family millions—while closing down American jobs in the oil industry.

I could go on.  Please use the comment section to add your evidence that under the Democrats America has become a Fascist Third World country.  This is not the time to be silent or watch Seinfeld re-runs.  It is definably not the time to watch NBA games—supporters of Chinese Communist fascism and slave labor.

We have an election in about 90 days.  We need to hit the streets and the homes with a message of freedom—and warning people what it is like to live in a nation controlled by government.  The Fascist State.  You are cancelled if you tell a joke Whoopi Goldberg does not like.  You will be thrown off campus if you believe the Constitution is for all the people.  If you tell the truth about the Wuhan Virus, masks or the placebo called a vaccine, you will be thrown off social media.

That is what a Fascist nation looks like.  I have not mentioned the use of art, music, movies and TV shows to denounce our freedoms, heritage and nation.  Nor have I mentioned the use of medicine to promote racism by teaching doctors about race, not surgery.

Once freedom is gone from the United States, there is no place to go—the Earth will be a very dark day till the economy crashes—and just like in Sri Lanka, the people revolt and overthrown the government.

Now is the time to stand up, speak out and work to return freedom to our nation.  Will you join me?

About Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. dran reese says

    You know you are in a facist country when they threaten your food supply unless you comply.

  2. Steven Spatola says

    Steve, this is a frameable column! The only thing you omitted was the attempted Federalization of elections for POTUS. Their constant ignorance, purposely of the US Constitution is criminal!

    Judicial Watch has sued numerous states over voter registration rolls. LA county has more registered voters on the rolls than eligible age voters! I’m not sure that the county or the Secretary of Stae has complied with this lawsuit, which LA county and others lost.

    Add to this, we have an arrogant and spiteful governor that is placing his egotistic aims on the 2024 election as him being the Demorat candidate, yet he can’t manage California worth a damn!

    The Courts are complicit in this covert coup d’ tat but none of these useful idiots see that once the coup is complete, the leader spurge those idiots post haste. Joe Stalin, Mao, Castro and many others have followed this exact path. The corrupt media, print, broadcast and the social mediums will find themselves “out of business” becoming the new Pravda voice of the government.

    Read and know history of socialism, communism and any other form than a representative republic form og government. All the money Pelosi, Biden, Manchin, Klintongs will not save their lives or fortunes under a terrorist regime that will follow. Currencies will change and the former currency will be worthless. It will be worse than the planned inflation that bis now ruining the fine economy that Trump develop in opposition to the Biden-Obama attempts to subvert and bow to Chinese and Russian wishes and spies.

  3. How about this:

    The IRS is hiring new special agents! Requirements include working min “50 hours per week, which may include irregular hours, and be on-call 24/7, including holidays and weekends” and “Carry a firearm and be willing to use deadly force, if necessary.”

    Nah, we’re not turning into a Fascist Third World nation. Well, they’ll have to ‘dobe-wall me to get any more blood out of this ole turnip.

  4. It looks like we will experience a major storm. It’s been brewing for fifty years.

  5. When people continue to vote for corruption you get what you vote or do not vote for. We have been moving into a communist regime for several years and when President Trump won the election the corrupt democrat party had to stop him immediately. For 3 years we heard nothing but Russia which has been proven to be a total lie. Now they are accusing him of nuclear hiding. What kind of bull will they come up next. Look at the people controlling this country. Same old has been for years who have built fortunes for themselves.
    With the new IRS 87,000 agents is nothing more than redistribution of wealth. This will never be a problem for the very wealthy people as they can hire high price attorneys, CPA and fight them in court but watch out for the small businessperson, anyone with an IRA account or has any money in the bank. You are the bait, and you will lose. Communist control over you and your money so you will be dissolved.

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