Cal State Northridge:  Special Graduation Event to HONOR Illegal aliens

Every dollar given in scholarship and support to illegal aliens attending Cal State Northridge, is a dollar Not given to honest California/American students.  Another example of illegal aliens being financed by the parents fo students unable to attend CSUN.

This an an abuse of our tax dollars—plus the seats taken by the law breakers means fewer seats for honest students.  I have suggested to a friend of mine who has a 16 year old grand daughter a course of action.  The grand daughter needs to renounce her American citizenship, go to Mexico and then sneak back into this country and claim illegal alien status, so she does not have to pay back any loans—Newsom will give her a free ride if she claims to be an illegal alien.

University holds ‘Undocu-Graduation’ for illegal immigrants

California State University, Northridge recently held a special graduation event for ‘undocumented and mixed-status’ students.

Though illegal immigrants in California are not eligible for federal assistance, they can receive state aid.

California State University, Northridge recently held a special graduation event for “undocumented and mixed-status” students.

The event was sponsored and funded by the University Student Union Dream Center.

Students officially graduating in Fall 2021, Spring 2022, and Summer and Fall of 2022 were all included in the May 7 “Undocu-Graduation” ceremony. 

The purpose of the event, according to CSUN, was “to celebrate your hard work, resilience and dedication in earning a degree” as “mixed-status” or “undocumented” Matadors. 

The university held the same ceremony in 2019. 

Institutions in the California State University system are publicly funded. Though illegal immigrants are not eligible for federal assistance, they can receive state aid.

The California Dream Act allows illegal aliens access to “state financial aid, including Cal Grant A & B Entitlement awards, Cal Grant C awards, institutional grants and community college fee waivers”.

Northridge “has the largest number of documented students” out of the entire University of California and California State University systems, according to CSUN Today reporting.

Campus Reform reached out to California State University, Northridge for comment; this article will be updated accordingly. 

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  1. Dr. Trent Saxton says

    You could have entitled this article…”Why I left California”

    • A co-worker who did not go to CSUN told me about this foolishness. Now, I’m embarrassed to tell anyone that I went to CSUN. On the plus side, I’ll never have to reply to a alumni support request again! Ask the students who’ve crossed our border illegally and denied a seat for American citizens to replace my contributions, okay?

  2. Celeste Greig says

    It is disgusting, unlawful, and un-American that legal, law abiding students have to pay high tuitions to attend the CSU system, or mortgage their future at private universities, and yet illegal aliens whose parents circumvented the rule of law and blatantly crossed the southern borders get free education, and an expensive graduation celebration. Sad, very sad as CSUN has always being a pride in the San Fernando Valley, moreover in Northridge.

  3. Colonel (Ret) Steve Spatola says

    Your friends grand daughter will need to forget her American accent and 50% of her vocabulary except, gimme. Gimme!
    Add excess vowels on her words, come to class late and leave early. Nobody would ever suspect she’s a fraud.

  4. That is a big pile of what the eagle left on the rock. It could even be called discrimination.

  5. Totallyfedup says

    If you vote for democrats, you don’t get to complain about events like this.

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