California Democrat Harley Rouda Had a Restraining Order Against Him- Filed by His Own Mother!

Would you vote for a Member of congress who has his MOTHER file for a TRO to prevent him from stealing from her, bullying her, emotionally and physically threatening her?  From the JUDGE issued TRO:

  1. “From directly or Indirectly harassing, annoying, interfering with, by tclcphonc, assaulting, or doing bodily harm to Dcfcndant, Marlcsc N. Rouda, at hcr rcsidcncc (5737 Barry Tracc Court, Dublin, Ohio 43017), or clscwherc, including, but not l:mttcd to, 1093”

And you have this:  “Harley E. Rouda, Jr., is RESTRAINED as follows:

  1. From selling, mortgaging, moving, destroying, encumbering, secreting, or dispostng of or attempting to dispose of any of the personal property, houschold gQQds furnishings, rctircmcnt accounts, invcstmcnt accounts, busincss Interests, real cstatc, pcrsonal and/or intangible property of Plaintiff. Harley E. Rouda, Sr , or DetindantfMarlesc N. Rouda, or any assets which either or both parties may have claim pursuant to Title 3 of the Ohio

Revised Code

If you want the whole document, email me at [email protected] and I will send it to you.

Yes, Harley Rouda, the “Congressman” from Orange County was so dangerous to his mother, she had to go to court to protect herself from her son.  And, that is who is representing a significant portion of Orange County. He need therapy, not vote in Congress.  On November 3 vote to send him to therapy and Michelle Steele to Congress.

California Democrat Harley Rouda Has a Restraining Order Against Him- Filed by His Own Mother!

Richard Moorhead, Big League Politics,  9/23/20   

A California freshman Democrat has a restraining order filed against him- by his own mother!

Harley Rouda, who represents California’s 48th Congressional district, has had a restraining order filed against him by his mother, Marlese Rouda, since 2011. View the document here. Rogue Review first reported on the bizarre legal development on Tuesday.

Rouda is legally restrained from “directly or indirectly harassing, annoying, interfering with, harassing by telephone, assaulting, or doing bodily harm, to Defendant, Marlese N. Rouda…”

Maybe a restraining order from an ex-girlfriend or wife is one thing, but it’s somewhat of a legal novelty to have a restraining order filed against you by your own mother. The order was granted by a judge in a Franklin County, Ohio Court Division of Domestic Relations, so it’s likely he engaged in poor behavior of some kind against his own mother.

An earlier clause in the restraining order bars Rouda from selling, destroying or taking possession of any household property belonging to his mother, suggesting the order might’ve been granted after Harley Rouda stole or sold some of his mother’s possessions.

Rouda is a freshman Democrat running for reelection in the Orange County District against Republican Orange County Supervisor Michelle Steel. California Republicans view the formerly red, now purple congressional seat as within their reach after a Republican retook the nearby 25th district in a special election earlier this year.

There might be some mothers who have second thoughts about voting for Rouda’s reelection, after finding out that he hasn’t exactly been the most loving son to his own mother.

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  1. Totallyfedup says

    Just proves what I have always said,

    Democrats are so narrow minded they don’t know right form wrong,
    They only know the democrat way or no way.

    STOP VOTING FOR DEMOCRATS and help save CA and the USA.

  2. Power corrupts. Democrats have been in power as a one party system.

    Criminals will always take advantage of power.

    This is what you get when you have a “Top Two” ballot.

    Any Republican should be able to defeat this criminal.

    Remember they did not get to this position without Republicans voting for Democrats.

  3. Let's see the entire restraining order says

    LOL first of all, post the whole restraining order so people have context. The first line concerns not selling her property/personal belongings. So can’t we consider a scenario where the mother is elderly and Harley is attempting to make the transition to a home that isn’t 2 stories, or maybe to a home for reasons concerning her physical or mental health? I can imagine my own mother fighting not to be put into a home, regardless of whether it is for her best interest or not.

    Today’s moral: read the primary source and make your own opinions about it using *gasp* critical thinking.

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