California Groundwater: Government Will Take Control?

California government no longer believes in freedom, the right to choose or private property. Thanks to State and Federal policy, California farmers will be mostly closed down this year due to lack of water. We have water, it is the fish that are getting it—not farmers or families. Want to build? AB 32 and other State laws will raise the cost. Now there is a movement to take historically private property and allow government to control it—groundwater.

If the law passes, your groundwater could by fiat be used by your neighbor—but not you. When passed the private drilling for wells will end—why spend tens of thousands of dollars on a well if you are not assured of using the water? This will keep California in a Depression and even deepen it.

“Church and county Supervisor Frank Mecham, whose district encompasses most of the basin, said there is enough evidence that the basin is facing a crisis to begin the process of forming a district to manage it. Residents of the 300,000-acre basin report falling aquifer levels, causing wells to go dry and deeper ones drilled.”

Courtesy Smabs Sputzer, Flickr

Courtesy Smabs Sputzer, Flickr

Paso Robles groundwater district at least a year away, LAFCO says

Proponents waiting on legislation before turning in application for panel’s analysis

By David Sneed, San Luis Obispo Tribune, 5/16/14


The bill allows the water district’s nine-member board of directors to be composed of a combination of property owners of various acreages and residents elected by popular vote. Proponents say the hybrid board would balance the needs of residents and agriculture and prevent any one group from dominating the district.

Backers of the district are a coalition of two North County water groups. PRO Water Equity represents rural residents and small landowners, and the Paso Robles Agricultural Alliance for Groundwater Solutions represents irrigated agriculture, mostly vintners.

The proponents estimate that in order to generate the estimated $1.2 million annual district budget, rural residents would be charged $60 to $80 a year, irrigated agriculture would be assessed $14 to $15 an acre and rangeland would be assessed 50 cents an acre.

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  1. Eagles Glen of eagles says

    How does gov become owner of groundwater gob does not own. Sounds gov’r Gray Davis in action.

  2. Executive Order??? Eminent Domain??? Not to worry, the Taxifornia politicians will find a reason.

  3. How can the State and Local gov. agencies ask everybody to conserve water, and then right across the Street they build more ABAG housing ?What is needed until we can be more informed as to the Drought, is a Building moritorium, Statewide.

  4. Treva Bennett says

    It looks like they want to drive all the taxpayers out of the state! It is time to take back our state. The Democrats have done nothing but drive California into a ditch to fill their own coffers. What a bunch of anti American thieves.

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